Trump, in Poland, Asks if West Has the ‘Will to Survive’

Trump, in Poland, Asks if West Has the ‘Will to Survive’

WARSAW – Trump’s president said on Thursday that Western civilization was likely to decline, carrying a message about “radical Islamic terrorism” and “government bureaucracy” to a European capital that he considers a hospital for his nationalist message.

Mr Trump, who broke with tradition by attacking his country’s leaders and intelligence services outside the United States, conveyed his message in a speech before a friendly Polish crowd before a two-day summit of the The 20 leaders in Hamburg, Germany.

Hours later, he flew from Warsaw to Hamburg, where he held a discreet private meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It symbolizes perhaps the deep skepticism among Western leaders of the personality of M. Trump and his policies, ranging from the fight against climate change to Russia.

In what could be a preview of the stage at the ceremony, 12,000 demonstrators have promised to disrupt the G-20 have converged for a demonstration in Hamburg on Thursday entitled “Welcome to Hell.”

There were reports that dozens of police officers had minor injuries, while a small group of protesters attacked them with bottles, sticks and iron bars in clashes that lasted until midnight. It is expected that up to 100,000 protesters in the coming days.

M. Trump woke up his Polish hosts by telling the story of the country’s resistance to the invaders, including Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

But he did not say anything about the repression of the right-wing government against judges and journalists and their refusal to accept more immigrants, policies that have upset the leaders of the European Union.

He praised Poland as an advocate for freedom from existential threats. “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive,” he said.

“Do we have confidence in our values ​​to defend at all costs? Do we have enough respect for citizens to protect our borders? Do we have the desire and courage to preserve our civilization to those who face the subversent and destroy?”

Pressured at a press conference earlier on the day of Russian intervention in the United States elections, he said that “nobody knows” whether they were involved in other countries.

He criticized President Barack Obama for not responding publicly after reviewing information on possible elections that began last summer.

M. Trump – who is willing to assume President Vladimir V. Poutine of Russia during his first meeting in person in Hamburg on Friday Mr.

Putin’s attempts to influence the elections – gave a mixed message in Russia.

The president expressed his most pointed criticism of Moscow since taking office, calling on Russia to end its destabilization activities in Ukraine and elsewhere, and its support for hostile regimes, including Syria and Iran, “and stating it should” Join the community of responsible nations in our struggle against common enemies and the defense of civilization itself. ”

And Mr Trump has proposed to reassure Poland and other allies concerned about Russian aggression, fully supporting the principle of collective defense behind NATO, which it would not do on its first trip to Europe in May.

“The United States did not only demonstrate through words, but through its actions we strongly support the determination of Article 5 of mutual defense,” said M. Trump.

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