Five things to watch for during Trump’s meeting with Putin

Five things to watch for during Trump’s meeting with Putin

Hamburg, Germany (CNN) All eyes will be on President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Poutine on Friday when the two world leaders will meet for the first time.

The official bilateral meeting Trump will bring face to face with the leader of the country that the United States of America were wrong during the 2016 elections in order to get Trump elected.

In recent days, Trump was presented with a large book of preparation equipment for his trip to Europe, but the section in his meeting with Putin only a few pages of paper, a White House official.

A second official said that each point of discussion is just a sentence or two long to avoid Trump to focus on his game.

Consider the scenes, the advisors continue to express concern about the unpredictability of Trump before the meeting with Putin, especially in the light of Putin’s well-known practice of preparing meetings with US leaders.

Everything from the body language Trump to Putin decides to say, in the public part of the brief meeting was dissected in the world.

Americans and Russians see their world leaders closely but foreign powers hoping to gather information on how the new administration views Russia are the same.

It is usually the end, not the substance, that defines a meeting like this.
As the two leaders do not show up? They will analyze language and behavior of the public part of the short meeting with Putin Trump body, tested again and then analyzed for days and weeks.

Are they sitting or standing? Trump shaken Putin’s hand? Is Trump wearing his size to Mr. Putin? Or does Putin remain stoic and distant?

Trump realized optics had a bilateral meeting since his first visit to British Prime Minister Theresa May at the White House in January, where the president held May’s standing hand.

Months later, Trump failed to shake the hand of German Chancellor Angela Merkel during their meeting at the Oval Office, general view that their relationship was frozen.

Trump was very nice in May, when he met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the US Ambassador. Sergey Kislyak, at Putin’s request. Photos of the meeting showed Trump laughed, showing Kislyak Lavrov, and playing in the back.

Later, Trump revealed highly classified information at the meeting. But the purpose of the meeting has already consolidated the public view of Trump’s relationship with Russia: friendly.

Will not be allowed throughout the meeting with Putin Trump, so that the substance of what the two will discuss will be left to each government official readings and leaks coming from – the chambers – no wonder the room.

But the key question at the meeting is whether Trump will emerge Russia’s electoral interference. Tony, administration officials on CNN who planned to focus mainly on conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, when he met with Putin on Friday.

While no formal plan has yet emerged for the meeting, there is little hope that the US side that Trump will present Russian operations in 2016.
Trump Will there be a plot in the Putin meeting?

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