Why ‘Thugs of Malgudi’ and ‘Toss’ aren’t going to fly with a section of the Kannada film industry

Why ‘Thugs of Malgudi’ and ‘Toss’ aren’t going to fly with a section of the Kannada film industry

This exercise could be a reality for filmmakers in Karnataka if they want government subsidies and other benefits reserved for films made in the state language.

In a letter to the Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, President of the Kannada Development Authority, SG Siddaramaiah, it is highly recommended to make mandatory Kannada titles for films that apply to official documents.

SG Siddaramaiah also called on the government to reject films with other state-priced Kannada language titles. “Even the language in which the title is written reflects the culture of a region,” he told Scroll.in.

“The words in English and other languages ​​in the film titles away from our youth in the Kannada language.” This language is that it is not self-sufficient in its potential for expression? It is clear that we do not hate other languages.

But we need more measures like these to protect Kannada cinema language. “The recommendation will require the approval of the Karnataka State Office prior to its implementation.

Karnataka is not the first to examine protectionist measures to the local film industry. Several film industries outside Hindiennes have implemented measures to protect the local gear products caused by the most powerful states other cinemas.

Siddaramaiah gave the example of neighboring Tamil Nadu Karnataka, who in 2009 established a similar rule for films with Tamil Tamil titles.

Productions with Tamil titles are exempt from the entertainment tax after being examined by a government-appointed committee.

Unmanned films also receive significant relief from the entertainment tax, especially if a filmmaker proves that more than 70% of the film was filmed in the state.

Maharashtra has introduced protectionist measures since 2010. Each multiplex in the state must have at least 124 samples of Marathi films in a year. Marathi films should be screened in prime time, instead of being relegated to inconvenient shows. The measure is in exchange for tax breaks for the multiplexed by the state government.

Some rules are designed to increase the production of all types of films. In 2015, the Punjab government said that all films made in the state would receive a subsidy of 75% of entertainment tax – even if the productions are not in Punjabi language.

Subsidies, tax exemptions, and nominations for prizes have the potential to stimulate local production if applied honestly.

What happens when protected cinemas begin to compete? Another way to ask the question is: what do we do with Baahubali?

Hindi cinema with its power and reach without equal, is usually the bad of the film. In Assam, Kung Fu 2 Kenny Basumatray, following martial arts comedy in 2013, had to leave the room despite a successful career to open the way for Baahubali 2: The Conclusion.

Competition is not limited to films in Hindi, but among all languages. Following SS Rajamouli their Megaton 2015 local Baahubali films also forced across the country.

On 29 April, a young man was arrested by the fire of eight Hosakote bicycles in Karnataka after learning that the two-week Kannada release Chakravarthy, retired to Baahubali 2.

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