Why Frank Underwood from ‘House of Cards’ simply cannot be a vegetarian

Why Frank Underwood from ‘House of Cards’ simply cannot be a vegetarian

On the opening day of Donald Trump, Netflix announced that the fifth season of house of cards would be distributed on May 30. It was not a mistake.

The similarities between Trump’s President and House of Cards Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey have attracted special attention.

In fact, Spacey said something when speaking directly to the public, the person to whom it is addressed is Trump.

In the series, considered by some as the most popular political drama in Western television, carnivorous tastes first mark the protagonist Frank Underwood as a man determined to be at the top of the food chain.

The evaluation of James Poniewozik the first season of time, undoubtedly the Underwood favorite for the meat of animals; Man, according to Poniewozik, “loves him meat.”

The consumption of meat is strongly related to the concepts of power and masculinity. In fact, the French philosopher Jacques Derrida was asked if a head of state was even vegetarian imaginable.

A quick glance at some recent presidents and their eating habits seem to confirm this. Bill Clinton, a notorious consumer of women, romances out of his office directed at his indictment, also had a great appetite for red meat clogging arteries.

Now a senior vegan, Clinton is a reformed character who apparently abandoned hypermasculity and was there to support his wife’s presidential campaign in 2017.

Given the carnivorous tendency to the US presidency, it is no wonder that food is an important metaphor in the “Lethic and Addictive” house of cards.

During their trip to the Oval Office, dietary rituals and Underwood food choices serve as control metaphors.

Breakfast next to the barbeque devour at the end of the first episode sets the bar for next season, in which Freddy BBQ joint is a framework for various clandestine relationships.

Frank’s eating habits in the first two seasons mark as the alpha predator, man at the top of the food chain, while strengthening his own masculinity by eating meat, by choosing vegetable foods for which emasculate surround.

When Remy Danton, Underwood’s former chief of staff says they do not eat pork, he can be mocked by Underwood, who ordered him “half a grid” and collardes for my friend here. ”

Underwood repeatedly uses food metaphors to re-imagine others as consumables devour for food. And death is painful, more food is delicious.

This jumps particularly hard when Freddy switches to the butchers who illegally provides slow pigs pigs who then shout that they are processed and Underwood savored with the improved taste.

Underwood regularly a meal out of people, cannibalize them metaphorically. “I’m almost sorry for him. He did not choose to be on my plate,” he commented in the sabotage of Michael Kern’s work for the chief of staff during Walker’s government, imagining how “the result and will be thrown to the dogs. ”

The speaker and the majority leader of the house are re-imagined as the fish with their “slightly salty faces fry in a pan.” Linda Vasquez, selecting Underwood for Walker’s chief of staff, could be “as tough as a two-dollar steak,” but this does not prevent Underwood from chewing and hastening his resignation in Season Two.

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