Whole Foods ‘chicken salad’ recalled for containing no chicken

Whole Foods ‘chicken salad’ recalled for containing no chicken

Whole Foods ‘chicken salad’ recalled for containing no chicken

Tuna and chicken were unnecessarily confusing as a tuna company began marketing its canned fish products as “Chicken of the Sea”. (Ask Jessica Simpson).

But now Whole Foods has been the victim of similar confusion, after one of its poultry suppliers mistakenly sent to the store for a large cargo of “chicken salad” that actually contained tuna.

The willow farm, Attleboro, Mass., Has recalled 440 pounds of buffalo chicken salad, which actually contained tuna salad, after Whole Foods employees discovered the discrepancy when they are decompressed, USDA reports.

A willow spokesman tells Fox News that the packages actually contain tuna salad with blueberries.

According to the USDA, the product was removed for “falsely” and contains an “undeclared allergen.” Withdrawals affect 12.5-ounce packages of “chicken salad” sent to stores in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York

. In addition, each package was labeled Whole Foods, not the willow tree.

Saturday, when the USDA announced the first memory, there have been no confirmed reports of allergic reactions. Consumers are invited to refuse salads or return them to whole foods.

As for why willow farm poultry – which does not list tuna products on its official website – shipping tuna shipments to whole foods, a willow spokesman tells Fox the news that the company produces ‘private label’ products “Select Whole Foods.

The willow spokesman said the recall involved only about 35 full-food stores and no willow brand products were affected by the false branding.

This is not the first time sauce recalled a product due to the “wrong language” in recent months:

In January, the company requested a 204-pound withdrawal of “chicken salad” after finding that the product contained the egg salad instead.

In this case, Sauce discovered the breach after shipping the product to a supplier in New Jersey.

A representative of whole foods was not immediately available for comment.

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