North Korea Says It Has Successfully Tested an ICBM

North Korea Says It Has Successfully Tested an ICBM

North Korea Says It Has Successfully Tested an ICBM

ONLY, South Korea – North Korea said on Tuesday it had successfully carried out its first test of an intercontinental ballistic missile, calling for a milestone in its efforts to build nuclear weapons capable of attacking the mainland.

The announcement came hours after a launch that the United States military reported sending the missile in the space of 37 minutes.

This time, according to analysts, it suggests a significant improvement in the range of North missiles, and could afford to travel up to 4000 miles and reach Alaska.

In an initial statement, the United States Pacific Command described the weapon as a mid-range missile, rather than as an intercontinental ballistic missile. But officials in South Korea and Japan said they were studying the data to determine whether it was an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The missile took off from the Banghyon airfield in the northwestern city of Kusong and flew 578 miles before landing in the sea between North Korea and Japan, the South Korean military said in a statement.

North Korea fires another missile amid growing tensions with United States July 3, 2017
The Japanese government said the missile drew in its exclusive economic zone called on its western coast. Under a series of UN Security Council resolutions, North Korea has banned the development or testing of ballistic missiles.

While it is believed that the North has made significant progress in its weapons programs, experts believe there is still a long way to go to reduce nuclear warheads for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The missile test added another volatile element to the Trump administration’s efforts to curb North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, which included naval exercises off the Korean peninsula and pressure on Pyongyang’s long-time Chinese ally. In a telephone call Sunday shaken, the president warned Trump Xi Jinping of China and the United States were willing to act alone against North Korea.

If the missile took 37 minutes to fly 578 miles, it would mean that it had a large loft trajectory, probably reaching an altitude of more than 1 700 000, said David Wright, co-director of the Union’s Global Security Program Concerned Scientists .

A missile of this type would have a maximum range of about 4,160 miles or 6,700 kilometers, making it the standard trajectory, he said. North Korea said the missile, which it identified as Hwasong-14, flew for 39 minutes.

“This range is not enough to reach the lower 48 states or large islands of Hawaii, but it would do so in Alaska,” said M. Wright in a blog post.

The missile was like North Korea’s range of missiles it had already tested, and its long flight time was “more consistent with an intercontinental ballistic missile that could target Alaska and Hawaii perhaps,” said Jeffrey Lewis, program director for Non-proliferation in East Asia at the Institute for International Studies in Middlebury.

“This is very serious – it seems that North Korea has tried an intercontinental ballistic missile,” he said by e-mail. “Even though it is a 7,000km missile, a 10,000km long missile that can reach New York is not the time.”

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