New Jersey, Maine Reach Budget Deals, Ending Government Shutdowns

New Jersey, Maine Reach Budget Deals, Ending Government Shutdowns

New Jersey, Maine Reach Budget Deals, Ending Government Shutdowns

The weekend of July 4 debuted for New Jersey residents and tourists eager to seize the beaches of the state, but a budget deal in the state legislature on Monday paved the way for rust.

A budget agreement was also reached in Maine on Tuesday morning, and the state government will return to regular business Wednesday. However, the decision will not affect vacation plans; State parks staff always planned to stop, Reuters reports.

The two state governments have spent three days in partial closure after failing to establish a budget before July 1. Several other states have passed the deadline, but did not stop.

In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie signed a 34.7 billion-dollar budget agreement Monday night, ending a deadlock that led to a three-day government closure.

When negotiators failed to reach an agreement on Friday’s midnight budget, Christie announced that the deadlock would lead to a partial closure of the government and shut down many state services, including beaches, parks and office motor vehicles.

The test was caused in part by a wedge between Republican Governor and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, a Democrat. Christie had demanded that the governor’s office gain greater control over the state’s largest health insurer.
“Last week, the State Senate, led by an ally of Mr. Christie Stephen M. Sweeney, adopted a bill. However, the Assembly had refused to go forward.

“After meeting Monday with Robert A. Marino, Horizon’s CEO, and the talks between the governor’s office and the two-bedroom leaders, a revised bill was drafted that governor and legislative leaders have ruled acceptable .

The details of the Horizon bill were not immediately clear. ”
Christie signed the measure in Tuesday morning’s budget.

It was the government’s second closure in New Jersey – the first came in 2006.

Despite the ruling, it has been reported that the Christie family still spend the long weekend at the summer home of Governor Island Beach State Park.

When questioned by the press, the governor replied: “I do not know if it is correct, but … my family does not require service while we are there.”

The story could have ended there if it were not for Governor Christie and his family were photographed sunbathing on the beach, with no one around.

Photos illuminate social media and traditional news organizations.

In one of the most advanced notices to get out of the beach bustle, Asbury Park Press wrote: “Governor Christie, take h- – beachfront!”

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