In Mumbai, art, dance, music and stand-up is just around the corner

In Mumbai, art, dance, music and stand-up is just around the corner

In Mumbai, art, dance, music and stand-up is just around the corner

The room is not much larger than a living room. Your seating options are bags of dirt or beans.

The stage houses everything from stand-up comedy, open microphone evenings, musical concerts, dance shows and sometimes a play. And do not be surprised if the next person onstage is someone sitting next to you all.

The small size of the sites, which crossed the western suburbs in the last two years are a world removed from the traditional cultural areas of southern Mumbai.

Jeff Goldberg Studio in Bandra Bandra Base Cat Studio Cafe, Andheri Base and Harkat Studio in Andheri Studio Mojo in Malad, change the artistic scene of the city.

They make the arts more accessible to a new audience, helping artists, photographers, dancers, musicians and poets to experiment and create performance parameters like sweets, it almost feels like a party.

“I think the workspaces like ours, because people began to realize that there is more art than Bollywood,” says Karan Talwar, co-curator of Harkat Studios, based in Andheri, who open part of their space. Offices to the performances in the year 2016.

“Bombay was not a lot of options for culture, so we decided to organize stuff for the neighborhood and the response is overwhelming.” The Harkat space welcomes 70 people, 50 seats are always full, says Talwar.

One of his best received works took place in November of last year. Harkat held a three-hour event called In Mood for Melancholy. It counted on the performances of artists that fuse the poetry with the music; Kalaripayuttu with thumri; And the painting of the sand with the singing.

The experimental shorts were examined, there was also a Ghazal session. “Concerts like these are not currently in place and it is our goal to help those who do not have a platform,” said Talwar.

At Cat Cafe Studio, two years, you can exhibit artwork or do dance, music or treat a comedy rest. For the musician, Dhobale Tania, 25, scored his third show to an audience.

“Cat Cafe helped me with setting up a studio in a small space,” he said. “There is privacy and this is informal, which helps the artists as we gain more confidence and to create a network. Every time I play in a scenario like this, I feel better prepared for any great show that could come my way . ”

Sejal Purohit, official photographer at the Cat Cafe studio, said they like upcoming talent give a platform. “We give it a week in advance and most of the seats are sold out, then we worry we will never experiment,” he adds.

They work on the distribution of profits, dividing ticket revenues between artists and space. The entrance is between Rs 200 and Rs 500 and can accommodate up to 40 people.

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